Do you take insurance? What is the cost?

I do not participate in any insurance panels and thus am considered an out-of-network (OON) provider. Each month, I will provide a statement of services and costs, known as a "superbill," which can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement, provided you are covered for out-of-network services. Session costs are competitive for the NYC region; to find current rates, please email or reach out using the contact form.

If you intend to submit claims for reimbursement with insurance, I recommend reaching out to your insurance company prior to starting therapy to confirm coverage (including coverage for telehealth sessions).

Where are services provided?

Currently all services are provided via telehealth. Telehealth appointments are open to those located in New York, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

I expect to open an office in Manhattan in 2024, at which point appointments will be available both in person and virtually.

How do I set up an appointment?

Email rick@raymondpsychology.com to request a 15-minute consultation. This service is provided free of charge to help ensure that my practice matches your needs before we schedule a session.